Sunday Activities

I was hoping to relax this Sunday and close out the vacation. But alas, it wont happen. This was my first vacation of the year and most of it was spent on the family reunion. It was a very pleasant vacation and time away from work. After all of the expenditures over the last couple days, now I have to do some prep work for when the stuff arrives next week.

That means first cleaning the garage – a lovely vacation job. We are converting about 1/4 of our 3 1/2 car garage into a workout area. The Bowflex and free weights are already there and I will move the treadmill out there today. In addition, I will move the kids entertainment center and TV into the garage too so we have something to watch or play music while working out. One of our old original Xbox machines that has been collecting dust will move out there to so Suzanne can do her Maya Yourself Fitness workouts in the garage too. A lot of moving stuff around, but hopefully it will get us spending more time working out than we (or at least I) do now.

We will also be cleaning out the old, fastly dying refrigerator in the garage in preparation for the delivery of the new garage refrigerator next week.

Since I leave on a business trip Monday morning, it’s not too bad doing all this work on the last day of a vacation. It should be an easy trip too. Basically, my counterpart in the Air Force is moving on to his next assignment and I am going out to his place for the farewell lunch and change of command ceremony. Its a long trip for that but I will also get to spend some time with his replacement. So, a pretty nice way to ease back into the work routine.

Now, if I could just get Suzanne up from her nap (and it’s only 10:00 am) to help with the heavy stuff…

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