Technology is Great – Until it Fails

As a true techno nerd, I love technology and the way it simplifies and enhances life. However, when it fails, it can be trouble.

This morning, as I prepared to head off to work (last day before almost a 3 week vacation!), the tension cable and spring on our garaged door opener failed. Oh what timing! And when that happens, getting the garage door open is all but impossible – at least for one guy. The door weighs nearly 300 pounds and trying to lift it up was futile. Suzanne found a neighbor to get the kids to school and I kind of resigned myself to starting my vacation a day early.

But, I kind of wanted to get to work. Yeah, I know – weird. However, today, I guy I have known at work for the almost 24 years I have been there was retiring (lucky guy!) and I wanted to see him off. Well, we have an oversized three car garage. The door opener had busted on the big door for the right hand side two cars. The other single door on the the third car area (actually a work out area) worked fine. I decided to see if I could inch Suzanne’s car over to that side and get it out but moving forward and then backwards until I had scooted over.

Luckily her car is a bit shorter and I soon had it out the garage. I prepared to head off to work, but Suzanne decided she need her car to get the kids from school. So back to the garage it was to try to maneuver my much larger Mercedes over to the working door. To my surprise, it was fairly simply and I soon had it out too.

Anyways, when technology fails, we can be in worse off situations than we started. But, me, I will take the technology. Even if it took me $150 to get the door back working!

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