The Latest Indian Jones Movie and New Xbox 360 Elite

This weekend, we manage to get into town and take in the latest Indian Jones Movie. Last week, we had our 15th wedding anniversary and yesterday was Suzanne’s birthday, so ample enough reason to venture into town on the weekend.

The family thoroughly enjoyed the Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull movie. It was certainly a high action movie from the get go. I probably enjoyed the movie the least do a significant number of the stunts being WAY over the top. Yet, I still enjoyed the movie.

Its not like everything in the first three movies was believable either, it just seemed like the stunts and action sequences in these went a step or two further. They didn’t really detract from the movie that much but I found myself thinking during the movie several times, “Come on…”.

I have always been an Indiana Jones movie fan and have enjoyed them all, though the original first movie, Raiders of the Lost Ark, remains my favorite. They also clearly set the stage for a possible handoff to Indiana’s son in this movie. If you even remotely like the Indiana Jones movies, you would enjoy this one.

Late last week my Xbox 360 also starting exhibiting some problems. Its not the infamous red ring of death you hear about with the Xbox 360 consoles, but instead is an issue where it thinks it is overheating and shuts down. It was pretty random as to when it occurred. Sometimes it would be on for several hours and shut down. Once, it did it after about 5 minutes.

So, while we were in town, I picked up an Xbox 360 elite system. I had been wanting to do that for a while to get the HDMI cable and larger hard disk. I got the system set up last night and got our gamertags moved over to the new machine. The first thing I noticed about the new system is how quiet it is. My original 360, well over two years old, was pretty loud with its internal fan and what not. The new one cannot even be heard when sitting in our theater seats. The new lower die size seems to be quite effective.

The kids finally broke me down too and we picked up Rock Band. They have been fans of guitar hero for a while, but have been wanting to get Rock Band so the “whole family” could play at once. Well, last night Suzanne played lead singer, Sean played drums and Savannah played guitar. Mr Papa sat in his theater seat and watched. It was kind of fun and interesting. They really got into it. Now we need to get some additional songs and maybe another guitar so we can have a lead guitar and base.

Happy Birthday Suzanne and hope you enjoy your gifts! 😉

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