The Latest Indian Jones Movie and New Xbox 360 Elite

This weekend, we manage to get into town and take in the latest Indian Jones Movie. Last week, we had our 15th wedding anniversary and yesterday was Suzanne’s birthday, so ample enough reason to venture into town on the weekend. The family thoroughly enjoyed the Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull movie. […]

Weekend Fun

This past weekend was extremely busy, but very fun for us. The weekend started Friday night with us enjoying the relatively new Blu-Ray player. We have been watching many old movies in high def. Some are simple upconverts and not a tremendous increase in resolution. Others have been remastered and are downright beautiful. This weekend […]

Boardgames on the Xbox 360

As my loyal readers (gotta be at least 8 of ya) know, we are pretty avid boardgamers. The family loves sitting down on the weekend and spending hours playing boardgames. Actually, the kids would love to play even more. Our game closet at home must have 50 different boardgames in it. Lately, the boardgame industry […]

Gears of War

I recently picked up Gears of War for the Xbox 360 and all I can say is Wow.  The graphics are downright stunning.  The cut scenes, which use the game engine, our out of this World.  The game is a beauty to behold. I have had the game for three days now and tonight, I […]

Xbox 360 Texas Hold Em Poker

Hooah! Today is the release date for the Texas Hold Em poker game on Xbox Live for the Xbox 360. This date has been a long time in coming. The original release date was back in February. A lot has changed since then too. The game was going to be free and supported by in […]

Madden 2007 Release Day for Xbox 360

Today is the release date for Madden 2007 for the Xbox 360 (and the other platforms). Football used to be my favorite game to play on consoles. Madden has kind of been the reason for the “used to” part. The old Xbox versions of the NFL2K series were, in my opinion, far to superior to […]

Texas Hold Em Poker for Xbox 360

Finally, the day is approaching! Next Wednesday, the 23rd of August, Texas Hold Em Poker for the Xbox 360 on the Xbox Live Arcade will launch! In addition, Microsoft has announced on that for the first 48 hours it is available, the Texas Hold Em Poker game will be free. After that, the game […]

Xbox Live Arcade Games

Microsoft recently completed it’s Summer Promotion of Arcade Wednesday. For five weeks this Summer they released a new Xbox Live Arcade game on Wednesdays. The promotion was a smash hit on Xbox Live Arcade. I happened to download four of the five and thought I would give my impressions of them. Frogger This was the […]

Xbox 360 Texas Hold Em Dated

Finally, a release date has been announced for the Xbox 360 game Texas Hold Em Poker. The game will be available on Aug 23rd via Xbox Live in the Arcade games. Originally, the game was supposed to be available in April and then in May. I think this date will be pretty close as I […]

So Far, So Good

Today is day four of my summer bachelor time and so far, its been great. Well, it’s been pretty good anyways. As luck would have it, I have ended up late at work each night this week, so “my time” has been more limited than I had hoped. In addition, its rained every night this […]