There is Nothing Like a Suit!

I had to break down this weekend and actually go shopping for clothes. Its not something I ever enjoy, but with an upcoming business trip, I needed a couple of suits to wear. Since our office is business casual, I really haven’t needed a suit at all, and can usually get by with just a sports coat when meeting with customers. I had Suzanne do most of the hard work and call around to find who had the best selection and prices for me. We ended up at her favorite men’s store, The Men’s Warehouse.

I don’t mind going there too much since they have excellent service and a very good selection in Big and Tall sizes. We actually had a pretty good selection from which to choose and and one point we had three sales people helping us coordinate ties and shirts with the suits. I was also in need of some dress shoes too, so we didn’t get out of there very cheap, but I am probably set for suits for man years to come.

I ended up getting a dark brown with charcoal gray undertones, and a black three piece with very fine pin stripes. I was also impressed with the number of wrinkle free dress shirts they had in what my wife calls “Gorilla” size (She’s so complementary). I was actually in pretty good shape in terms of dress shirts since I normally wear those more frequently to work, but as long as I was getting a good price, I went ahead and picked up three new ones in green, purple and burgundy. With the addition of 4 new stylish ties, the look was complete and I was ready to get out of there.

I don’t mind wearing a suit or sport coat now and then, but I have to say I am not nearly as enthusiastic as Barney Stinson from “How I Met Your Mother.” Here’s a video from last weeks show.



  1. Wow! That was fantastic!! How do you do that?

    I know Chuck likes The Men’s Warehouse too. I think a man in a suit look cool. Bet you look great in them.

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