Travel and More Travel

Sorry for the absence, but the new job (within same company) has a bit more travel required. I just recently returned from a trip to Alabama and have another pending trip to Hawaii – yeah, that’s a rough one. Suzanne will be tagging along on that trip. Her parents are going to drive in from Texas and stay with the kids so that she can go. Being retired sure must be nice!

I also have pending trips to Kansas, Florida and Washington DC. Thank goodness that inauguration mess is over. DC is busy and frantic enough with out all that going on. There is also talk of possibly a few more trips too here in the first quarter.

I have been lucky and really not had to travel a whole lot in my career. I had one stretch of about 4 years where I had some international stuff going on and had to go to Germany and Italy. That was a couple 2 or 3 trips a year, so not too bad. Plus, our company policy allows business class travel overseas, so I guess you could say it was better than not too bad. ๐Ÿ˜‰

These short haul domestic trips are another story. Air Travel has gotten anything but friendly. Perks and service have been reduced. Basic costs and add on costs (baggage, etc) have gone up. Of course, being business travel, I don’t have to pay. These days planes are more and more full on each leg too. And the planes are smaller and smaller with regional jets covering more of the routes.

On another note, its only Saturday and I am already going into withdrawals knowing that there isn’t an NFL football game on this Sunday. What is a guy to do??


  1. How fantastic that you both will be able to go to Hawaii. How generous of Anne and Brett to come and watch the kids. I am sure that all of you will thoroughly enjoy this time.

  2. When are you heading to DC and will you have time to meet for a beer?

  3. That would be great! Not sure when yet – it keeps moving. Will let you know!

  4. Let me know…I will be heading to Tampa on business from 18-24 Feb and will be in Hartford, CT, area for a conference 2-6 Mar. Other than that, I should be in town.

    * Paul Tobin´s lastest post: Long Time, No Post!

  5. Will do!

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