Trip to Cloudcroft, NM

I have mentioned in a couple of recent posts about our upcoming trip to Cloudcroft, NM. We will be staying in a cabin up in the mountains there for about four days between Christmas and New Years. I actually prefer to be home at that time, but this should be fun as we will be up there with Suzanne’s family which we dont get to see that often.

Lately, it seems, during the winter season, we always get a cabin somewhere in the mountains where its cold and snowy. I guess since we dont see much of it in Sonoita, so its kinda like our fix. Currently, Cloudcroft doesnt really have any snow, but it is in the forecast this week. According to the weather forecast, they may get a foot of snow today and tomorrow, so it should be nice and fresh for us. And best of all, hopefully, they have enough time to get the roads cleared off. :tongue:

If they have enough snow, we will plan to do some skiing in Cloudcroft. If not, we may try go over to Ruidoso (about 40 minutes away) and ski there. When I say “go skiing”, I dont include myself in that activity anymore. I will be warmly and snugly sitting in the ski lodge enjoying a beer or something. The kids have never skied before and are anxious to give it a try. We (actually Grandpop and Grandmother) will get them some lessons before they try the slope.

It will be good to see Suzanne’s sister’s family too. They live in the Dallas area along with her parents. Suzanne and the kids try to go back to Dallas every Summer for a couple of weeks, but I dont usually get to go along because of work. I think I last saw the Jarzynkas when they visited us two Easters ago. The kids get along well and enjoy each others company.

Other than skiing, our main plan is to take along a bunch of boardgames and sit by the fire playing them. I am sure the kids will have us taking breaks to go play in the snow with them if there is enough when we get there. I may go into withdrawals without my computer and internet access, but so be it. A bit of a break wont hurt me.

We think its about a four to five our drive to Cloudcroft for us, so not too bad. Of course, being in the mountains, the weather could have an impact on that time.


  1. Anne Pechuls says

    We are really looking forward to seeing all the Klasens and getting the whole family together.

    See you soon.

    Merry Christmas.


  2. It will be fun… Hey Anne, how do you like the new comments hide/show feature on the homepage? Or do you just go straight to the page via the subscribe email?

    Mr Papa

  3. Anne Pechuls says

    I ususally go to the site when I get a message as a subscriber that something new has been posted.


  4. Okay… thanks…

    Mr Papa

  5. UPDATE:

    I guess all one has to do is mention snow and it begins… It is now snowing quite hard in Sonoita though immediately melting on the ground… no accumulation is forecast…

    Mr Papa

  6. Enjoy the snow, Mr Papa. Courtesy of the Doddema’s in Montana. Merry Christmas!!!

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