Uneventful Trip

Well, I am back from my short little business trip. It was pretty uneventful which is good for these things. The hard part is getting there and back as each way takes one day. Its hard to argue with a trip that includes the wonderful gulf coast beaches of Ft Walton Beach. As usual, I didnt have time to really enjoy the beach, but I did get a couple of nice walks in on the beach in the evenings before dinner. Tomorrow is back to the office for the first time in about two weeks, but not before an all morning offsite meeting.

Next week Suzanne and Savannah head off to Anaheim, CA for the National Showstoppers Dance Competition. They qualified for the event in the regional event in Phoenix this past Spring. Sean and I will be staying in Sonoita, so I will be off of work on Wed – Frid of next week.

Between the family reunion, the business trip and the dance competition, this makes for a nice little break from work in the middle of the year. Thats good, because it was my first of the year and the next one isnt until Thanksgiving when we take the 12 day Mexico cruise.

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