Update on Drunk Celebrity Captain

Here ia a press release update on the drunk Captain of the Mercury…

Celebrity Fires Captain of Mercury for Intoxication

The captain of Celebrity Mercury reportedly has been stripped of command and will be fired after he failed an alcohol breath test. The unnamed captain was taken ashore in Seattle on Friday after a Coast Guard inspector detected alcohol on his breath and he failed a test. A staff captain who was on board assumed command of the 1,870-passenger Mercury, which offers Alaska sailings. A spokesman for parent company Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd., said the captain who failed the breath test had been relieved of his command would be dismissed. Federal maritime law makes it illegal to operate a vessel in U.S. waters with a blood-alcohol content level above 0.04. Company policy forbids any officer from consuming alcohol within eight hours of reporting for duty, according to a spokesman said. For more information on Celebrity, visit www.celebritycruises.com.

As an aside, this is the same guy who was the Captain of the Mercury when we last sailed her in 2003. We cant wait to sail her again to Mexico in November and then again to Alaska in June 2007.

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