Volvo Back Good As New

You might remember the little incident from a few weeks back where our neighbor Larry was over helping us with an issue with our riding lawnmower. When he he was leaving, he forgot to look behind him and backed right into our relatively new Volvo XC90 SUV. We felt bad for Larry because here he was over helping us and had an accident.

The damage to the passenger front corner/bumper didnt appear too bad. Larry was insistent on paying for it. We took it to the Volvo dealership who told us they didnt do that kind of work and referred us to a body shop they use. The initial estimate came back about $1600 for the repairs.

They needed about a week to do the repairs so Larry gave Suzanne one of his trucks to drive around while the Volvo was in the shop. We took it up to the repair shop and dropped if off last Monday.

We were able to pick up the Volvo yesterday afternoon. The work the shop, Forumula 1 Automotive Arts, did was fantastic. You could not tell the bumper had been damaged. They did find a bit more damage inside the bumper when they got it off, so the final bill was about $2600. Wow, there wasnt much damage and it cost that much. Of the cost, about $1200 was plain old labor. Cars these days…

Larry had been planning to pay cash for the repairs and leave his insurance company out of it. When we got the updated estimate, he decided it was past his pain threshold and ended up going to his insurance company. He said they were terrific and did everything over the phone.

So, Larry has his truck back and we have our Volvo SUV back. Alls well that ends well. I think Larry was a bit worried about how we would deal with the car being damaged. Its only a car – a material thing. Accidents can and will happen. Friends like Larry and Jan are much more important. I just hope he will still come over to help with mechanical stuff ๐Ÿ™‚

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