Weekly Lifestream 2011-01-02

  • Paperwork signed. Home on market starting Monday. Being a techno geek, there's a website for that: bit.ly/h2PSB8 Feedback welcome! #
  • happy new years!!!!! best wishes to you and yours! May 2011 be the best yet! #
  • @Alyssa_Milano Aren't you supposed to be on vacation in Hawaii?? 😉 in reply to Alyssa_Milano #
  • paella was awesome! delicious is understatement. But was getting very cold outside. Now have a fire going inside! #
  • Another quiet New Years Even at home with the family. Just the way I like it! #
  • making paella in the backyard. Got plenty! Come on over! #
  • heavy duty house cleaning today. Meeting with real estate agent at lunch. Looks like we are really going to put it on the market. #
  • guess I will have to wait until tomorrow for my homemade brats. Savannah making homemade ravioli now for dinner. Sounds good! #
  • whew. made about 10 lbs of bratwurst today. It will definitely be for dinner tonight. Even got some in the freezer! #
  • making some homemade bratwurst today. got the grinder out and prepping the meat. fun day! #
  • made an awesome roasted bell pepper soup today – one of the best! Sure wish I had more time like on vacation to spend time cooking! #
  • Woot! Been a while since two starters! RT @DetroitLionsNFL: Johnson, Suh Named Pro Bowl Starters tinyurl.com/29sukwu #
  • enjoying the start of another week of vacation! #
  • @armybikerguy buy buy buy! in reply to armybikerguy #
  • wow. Lions win again.Three in a row – first time since 2006. And back to back road wins first time since 2004. Things definitely looking up. #
  • Happy day after! A few chores to do, but mostly sitting around playing games with the kids. Cant get much better! #

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