What’s Up With the Lions?

Holy cow, what has gotten into the Detroit Lions lately? They are finally starting to act like an NFL football team. Most of my readers know that I am an avid, loyal, long time Detroit Lions fan and am not afraid to admit it! ๐Ÿ˜‰

They have, unfortunately, been the doormat of the NFL for many years during the reign of Matt Millen as the President of the Lions. Lately, despite being 0 – 5 this season, things are beginning to look up for us Lions fans.

Recently, the Lions fired Matt Millen and signaled the end of the current era. In the 7+ years he was in Detroit, no team lost more than the Lions as they compiled a 31 – 84 record. Why it took Ford Sr over 7 years to realize Millen wasn’t working out is beyond me.

Then today, the Lions pretty much stunned the league and made a couple of moves.

First, they traded WR Roy Williams to the Dallas Cowboys. Williams is in the last year of his contract and its unlikely they would have been able to afford to sign him in the offseason. The Lions steadfastly maintained they didn’t want to trade him and Williams repeatedly said he wanted to stay in Detroit.

However, the Dallas Cowboys pretty much made the Lions a deal they couldn’t refuse. In exchange for Wiliams and a 7th round pick next year, the Lions received the Cowboys 1st, 3rd and 6th round picks next year. Wow, nice haul and perfect for a new management team coming in. With all the negative press in Dallas lately (T.O acting up again, Jones suspended again, Romo’s broken finger, etc) and the Cowboys fading after starting 3 – 0, Jerry Jones must have figured he needed some more positive press. Williams played at University of Texas and will give them a double deep threat. Its also no secret that I hate the Cowboys, so I can only hope this screws up the chemistry worse down there.

Second, the Lions placed QB Jon Kitna on injured reserve, pretty much signaling the end of his days as a Lion too. I have also not been a Kitna supporter over the years and am glad to see the Lions concentrating on their two young QBs the rest of the way and seeing what they have there.

Despite not liking Kitna, this was not the most fair and just way to end Kitna’s career in Detroit. One thing you could always say about Kitna is that he left it all on the field. He gave 100% and tried to carry the team, he just wasn’t able too. To put him on IR when he says he could play seems a bit unfair. I would have preferred to see him released or traded so he could try to continue elsewhere.

Throw in a much improved game last week handed to the Vikings due to a couple of very, very bad officiating calls (what is with officiating across the league this year?) and things are looking up.


  1. Wow! Our Rays sure blew it last night – a 7 run lead. Maybe they were supposed to win in St. Pete.

  2. they tried to let Boston back and almost gave it to them, but rallied back in Game 7 to win.

    Watch out for the parties Mom!

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