German Engineering – Parking Garage

Since I have travelled a fair number of times to Germany on business, I have always been amazed at some of the engineering things they do over there. Space is very tight and they do a pretty good job of maximizing it. I came across these images the other day of a new parking garage in Munich. I just cant see this kind of concept working in the US. One time of the lift breaking and it would be all over. I imagine it would greatly cut down on theft of cars from parking garages.

Munich Parking Garage

Munich Parking Garage


  1. Nice! I hope they make one for American cars soon.

  2. Klaus Ollmann says

    Hi folks,

    sorry to destroy your admiration for german technological ingenuity when it comes to parking garages in Munich. The picture shows the silo parking garage set up by Volkswagen near their production facilities in Wolfsburg. Whenever a customer makes his wish known to pick up his new car direct off the facility in Wolfsburg, his new car is parked in this building and when the proud owner shows up he is given a real showoff. He can ride the special glass elevator up to his car, admire it, then the lift goes down again and he has to wait until another – it goes without saying – fully automatic lift delivers his car.

    Surely a great gimmick of technology, but definitely no parking garage anywhere in the world works this way. We germans may be pretty efficient, but cities are all over their ears in debt and no mayor could afford this – only VW and they have money without end.

    But keep up the good spirit anyway

    Klaus from Hamburg

  3. lol, that’s the way it was explained to me – guess they were putting one over on me! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    thanks for the clarification!

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