Winding Down

Time to wind down… I survived a major review at work yesterday. It was the culmination of the past years effort and a relief to have behind me. Its now time to coast through the rest of the year. I say coast because I will only work 5 more days the rest of the year. The rest will be spent on vacation. Hooah!

We leave Sunday on our 11 night cruise to Mexico on the Celebrity Mercury. Hurricane Sergio is still threatening Mexico and may cause our itinerary to be altered. The cruise ships down there this week have altered theres, but no word on the cruises down there next week. Based on the track of the hurricane, I doubt our cruise will go exactly as planned.

After the cruise, I will work 5 days the following week and then shut it down for the year. I always like to take three weeks vacation at the end of the year to spend with the family while the kids are out of school. Tack on the 2 weeks around Thanksgiving for the cruise and its a lot of time off.:thumbs_up: :beer:

I should be refreshed and ready to go again come the first of the year.


  1. Glad you get to take some much needed time off. I will be off Thurs-Fri next week and then the week between Christmas and New Years. Fortunately, I took about a month off when we moved to DC. :thumbs_up:


  2. Anne Pechuls says

    Wherever your cruise takes you, I know you will have a wonderful vacation!

    Happy Thanksgiving.



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