Winter Wonderland and Sean Takes 3rd Place At County Spelling Bee

What a weird weather pattern we have been getting lately. Earlier this week, the temp was in the low 70’s – quite nice. Today, we are in the middle of a Winter Storm Warning.

Earlier this morning, we received about 2 inches of snow. That snow, plus the threat of a whole bunch more, caused school to get cancelled this morning. Suzanne was over with Sean at the spelling bee, so I had to pick up Savannah. She was happy to see the snow since we hadn’t yet had any accumulation this year.

The weather service was calling for a lot more snow tonight. We live at 5000 feet elevation. The estimate was for 3 – 6 inches between 4000 and 500 feet and for 6 – 12 inches between 5000 and 7000 feet. I doubt we will see anywheres near a foot of snow, but a couple more inches of snow is certainly possible. Its been pretty warm today for snow. In fact, most of the two inches from this morning has already disappeared. But with darkness now here, the temperatures are dropping and the snow is beginning to fall again. It will be interesting to see if we get any more snow.

As I mentioned earlier, today was the Santa Cruz County Spelling Bee. Sean won an entry into that by winning the Elgin School Bee. Two years ago, he won the County Bee and advanced to the State Bee. Last year, Sean finished third in the County. Well, again this year, he finished third. He was knocked out when asked to spell the word “lariat”. That surprised me because its not that difficult a word and living in cowboy country, I would have figured he knew that word.

From the sound of the rest of the competition, it was probably just a matter of time before he got knocked out though. The remaining two contestants went an additional 7 rounds before a winner was determined. Sean said he knew about 8 or 10 of those 14 words. So another good job by Sean, but he was hoping for a return to the State Bee. He has two more years of eligibility for the Bee, so maybe next year.

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