Winter Wonderland

This time, we actually did get some of the predicted snow.  We received about 4 inches of snow here in Sonoita, AZ.  It really looked quite beautiful this morning.

The accumulation of snow was enough that the kids school was canceled today.  I slept in a bit this morning, not wanting to make the trek across the mountain pass until it was at least daylight.  I started off to work about 7:45 this morning.  It was immediately clear that the roads were a solid sheet of ice.  I went about 2 miles before I decided to turn around and go back home.  I was slipping pretty good and that was on the flat straight parts.  I could only imagine what the curvy, hilly parts would be like.  Plus, it was 15 degrees out, so it wasn’t going to be melting soon.

I no sooner got back to the house and it begin to snow again.  They were predicting another 2 – 4 inches.  So, being in Tucson wouldn’t be a good idea if the snow really happened.  As of the evening, we had gotten maybe another inch of snow.

The day off gave me a chance to spend some more time with the family.  We played some boardgames including Go For Broke, a novel game where the object is to be the first to spend all of your money and end up broke.  I figured Suzanne would be good at that game, but she didn’t win.
I also got some time to work on the new website under development and help a couple of buddies with their sites.  Being a geek is hard work.  Good thing I enjoy it.

The kids school has already called this afternoon to tell us that tomorrow will be another late 10:00 am school start.  They fear ice in the morning for the buses.  I will probably wait for daylight again before heading off to work tomorrow.


  1. Brett Pechuls says

    Glad you finally got your snow. did it remind you of Cloudcroft. Anne loves her new PT. I’m not getting many bites on the Neon, so I’m reducing the price from $4900 to $4600. Will take $4400 if it comes down to it. Kelly Blue Book is $4785 for a private party to private party sale. Retail is right at $5200.
    Started school again yesterday with my online Genealogy class. I think it’s going to be good. Learned about and plus some message boards and general search hints. Start today on astronomy course.
    Love to all.


  2. Hey Brett! It did look a bit like Cloudcroft yesterday. Most of the snow was gone by the end of the day – melted away.

    You mean Anne is now driving your beloved PT? Whats the long term plan when you sell the Neon. I havent heard anything about this from Suzanne.

    I used both of those resources and another primary one, – thus far ancestry has been the most useful. I still havent had a chance to go through your packet you sent me. I have another packet from a guy (John Butler) who found my site and sent me a bunch of info on your side of the family. I have been kinda neglecting the research thus far in 2007.

  3. Brett Pechuls says

    Bought my sister’s 2002 Pt which is the factory full Woody. got 2 PTs now

  4. Ah, I see… hadnt heard anything about that… A two PT family eh 😉

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