Working Out

I have been doing pretty good lately at my workouts. I have been hitting the elliptical trainer pretty hard. I am using it about 5 days a week for 30 minutes. Each workout burns between 300 and 400 calories, so I am pretty pleased with my efforts. I have been doing this regime for a month now.

However, as usual when I engage in fairly serious workouts, my weight is going the opposite direction. Since I started the efforts about a month ago, I have gained about 15 pounds. My eating habits and calorie intake haven’t really changed. I am not really that concerned with the weight as long as I slim down and am healthier. This happens every time I undertake a workout program. Again, it’s the overall results to be watching, but you wish the weight adjusted down also as a motivation factor. Once, in my younger days, I gained 40 pounds in a workout regime that included a lot of weight training, but dropped two pant sizes and a shirt size.

My clothes certainly haven’t gotten tighter like one would associate with an extra 15 pounds. If anything, they are slightly looser, but nothing has a dropped a size. I certainly feel in better shape. I really like the elliptical trainer vs the treadmill or a weight training program.

Clearly, I will continue these activities and continue to monitor my progress.


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