Xbox 360 Sent Off

If you remember, my Xbox 360 died last week perhaps caused by a lightning strike, but not sure. Anyways, yesterday the return box from Microsoft was received. We made the UPS guy wait around while we loaded the broken unit into the box and sealed it up. The UPS guy then took it with him. As soon as Microsoft receives it, they are supposed to ship a new one to us. Hopefully, we should get it next week. So that would be about two weeks without the Xbox 360, but still very happy that they are replacing it for free since this Xbox 360 was purchased at launch and is long out of warranty.


  1. They usually send refurbished one’s Mr. Papa but hey, whatever floats yer boat!

  2. Yes, it will be a refurbished unit. Sorry if I wasnt clear about that. Still think they are being fair since its long out of warranty. Wish I knew for sure if it just died or it was a lightning hit.

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