Another Klasen Family History Update

Today, I have uploaded another update to my family tree. This update includes significant new data on the Klasen lineage itself. I was finally able to tie together my Grandfather to his Dad. This opened a bunch new branches to the tree.I have about a 90% confidence in the linkage, so I have made the update. I will continue to track down the history and try to ensure the confidence goes to 100%. This update finally moves the Klasen surname into the 20 (actually number 11) surname list. :thumbs_up: :whistle:

This updates traces the Klasen lineage back to Germany with the birth of Nickolas Klasen in 1839. He would be my great great Grandfather. This new update also gives me a bunch more work to do as I now have a bunch of new names and leads to track down. I am also anxious to research the family history further in Germany.

I also made a few other minor updates to the information based on some new research and the help of others that have contacted me via my genealogy site. Its amazing how many people are actively doing this kind of research and how they band together to share information.