Genealogy Thoughts

A distant relative of mine, John Butler, recently contacted me after finding my genealogy research here at Mr Papa’s World. During the holidays, he sent me a big packet of his genealogy research including a bunch of pictures that included some of Suzanne’s Great-Grandfather. Today, I had the first opportunity to take a look at […]

Heart Saver CT Scan

During my recent holiday vacation, I took the opportunity to visit the Tucson Heart Hospital and get a Heart Saver CT Scan. First, I am not currently having any issues or symptoms of heart problems, but given a recent rash of friends, co-workers and relatives suffering heart attacks and/or issues, and given my family history […]

The Genealogy Updates Continue

With this wonderful vacation I am on, I have been able to find time each day to work on the genealogy research. Today, I have uploaded another update to Mr Papa’s World Genealogy. This update includes primarily new information on Suzanne’s side of the family. Once again, the new information is largely due to the […]

McDonald Surname Upate to Genealogy

Today, I have uploaded another update to the Mr Papa’s World Genealogy research. The main focus of this update was to the surname McDonald. Suzanne’s Mother, Anne Pechuls, maiden name is McDonald. The majority of this new information comes from Anne herself who kindly responded to a request for some information on her family which […]

Genealogy Update

Okay, as promised, I have updated the genealogy pages here at Mr Papa’s World.  This was a big update for me, but really not a whole lot of new names in the tree. The update does include a few new inclusions (Wehage, Ossim, Kott, etc) based on a few minor finds and some info passed […]

Genealogy Pics

While not the genealogy update that I am still planning on making this weekend, I have uploaded some old photos of some Kott family members. My mother is a Kott. I have put the images in the Mr Papa’s World Photo Gallery in a genealogy album. Eventually, I want to get them loaded into my […]

Another Klasen Family History Update

Today, I have uploaded another update to my family tree. This update includes significant new data on the Klasen lineage itself. I was finally able to tie together my Grandfather to his Dad. This opened a bunch new branches to the tree.I have about a 90% confidence in the linkage, so I have made the […]

Mr Papa’s World Genealogy Update

Today, I have finally spent the time and made a major update to the Klasen Family tree here on Mr Papa’s World. I was recently contacted by my second cousin, once removed, Nancy Kott who found these pages. She and Norma Mackela have been able to provide me with lots of new information on my […]

Travel Woes

I am back from latest business trip. This was supposed to be a quick and easy trip, but as usual things happened. The plans called for me to fly to Virginia on Wednesday morning and then return late Thursday night. I was a bit fearful when I made my plans to fly on Delta Airlines. […]

Genealogy Hookup

You might remember a recent post about some happenings in my genealogy research.  Some family members I didnt know contacted me. Well, today, the new found relatives will be hooking up via teleconference with my Mother and Grandmother to meet each other and compare family history notes.  This is one of the many reasons for […]