Family Resemblence

We found this picture of Suzanne at age 9 in an old album and couldn’t believe how much it looks like Savannah. We thought that Savannah looked like Grammy, but now we think she looks just like her mother if you compare these two pictures. 5392 5395

Family Update 5/4/2007

Times sure have been busy around Mr Papa’s World. It seems the kids continue to get busier and busier. And when they get busy, Suzanne and I get busy. Savannah is still dancing 5 nights a week in Sierra Vista. Sean is dancing 3 nights, plus has baseball the other two nights and then again […]

New Genealogy Site Live

Okay, my new genealogy site is live. Give it a try and let me know what you think. As stated before, I usually my genealogy website primarily for the display of information. This new site is based on the TNG (The Next Generation) genealogy software. It seems to have a much nicer user interface and […]

Genealogy Site Update

I have been hard at work this weekend preparing a new genealogy site. To me, the current site had gotten old and out dated. The appearance was very dated and ease of use for non-technical folks was sometimes questioned. I had hoped to announce the site tonight, but I am still struggling with auto directing […]

Busy Times

I will be entering some busy times for the next week or two and may not be able to keep up my current pace of posting. Tomorrow, we head off to Phoenix for the Regional Showstoppers Dance Competition.  The kids (and Suzanne) are really excited.  It’s a weekend away from the house and they get […]

Genealogy Thoughts

A distant relative of mine, John Butler, recently contacted me after finding my genealogy research here at Mr Papa’s World. During the holidays, he sent me a big packet of his genealogy research including a bunch of pictures that included some of Suzanne’s Great-Grandfather. Today, I had the first opportunity to take a look at […]

Site Update

Once again, I have made a few changes to Mr Papa’s World. I have added a section in the sidebar for historical archives. You can search the archives by author, by date, by category or by tag. The archives section also contains an archive of the polls I have run here at Mr Papa’s World. […]

The Genealogy Updates Continue

With this wonderful vacation I am on, I have been able to find time each day to work on the genealogy research. Today, I have uploaded another update to Mr Papa’s World Genealogy. This update includes primarily new information on Suzanne’s side of the family. Once again, the new information is largely due to the […]

McDonald Surname Upate to Genealogy

Today, I have uploaded another update to the Mr Papa’s World Genealogy research. The main focus of this update was to the surname McDonald. Suzanne’s Mother, Anne Pechuls, maiden name is McDonald. The majority of this new information comes from Anne herself who kindly responded to a request for some information on her family which […]

Genealogy Update

Okay, as promised, I have updated the genealogy pages here at Mr Papa’s World.  This was a big update for me, but really not a whole lot of new names in the tree. The update does include a few new inclusions (Wehage, Ossim, Kott, etc) based on a few minor finds and some info passed […]