Not So Fun Day Off

As today is my Friday off (I get every other Friday off), I was looking forward to a nice, relaxing day working off my to do list. I had lots of catch up work to do on the four computers scattered around the house. Suzanne was going to get on the riding mower and cut the field grass on our property.

Well, she had problems getting going as she couldnt get the mower to start. The battery was dead. As it turns out, she had left the key in the ignition from last time and it evidently had gotten turned, probably by one of the kids. So, we decided to jump it. Not being a mechanic, I wasnt sure how doable this was since I couldnt tell if the mover battery was a 12 volt or not. Not deterred, Suzanne went ahead and tried to jump it, but nothing happened.

Frustrated, she got on the phone and called our neighbor Larry who is a classic car collector and does a lot of the work himself. Larry came over and promptly jumped the mower with his truck. Not sure what Suzanne (and my less than stellar support) was doing wrong, but anyways it was now running. Suzanne took off on the mower to take care of the yard. Larry jumped back in his truck and started to leave. I began waving to Larry to catch his attention and remind him that Suzanne’s Volvo was parked a short distance behind him. He merrily waved back to me and promptly backed into Suzanne’s car.

The damage isnt too bad but some body work will be required. The worst part is that Larry feels bad now and he shouldnt. Its just a car. The front passenger side corner by the light is crumpled in. The car is driveable. We have an appointment with the dealer on Tuesday. Luckily, they will provide us with a loaner car for free.

About 15 minutes after all that excitement, Suzanne came driving back on the mower and grabbed me. It seems that it was no longer cutting and violently shaking. After some looking it appears that the blade is severally bent and hitting the sidewall. This keeps throwing the belt off too. So, now we got a guy coming to fix the mower.

I did manage to get the computer updates and maintenance work done, so all is well that ends well. Glad I have a scrim (match against another clan) this afternoon with my 158th America’s Army clan.

Saturday, we will celebrate Sean’s birthday. The actual date is Monday. He wants to go to Benihana’s for dinner and then play some putt putt. This will be our first test eating out since moving to the NutriSystem diet.