Savannah’s Birthday Party

Savannah’s Birthday was this past Wednesday. Tomorrow, we will have a big Birthday bash for her. We usually have fairly big Birthday parties for each of the kids every other year. On the off years, we usually have a more reserved family party or go out for a nice dinner.

This year, Savannah wanted a Rock N Roll birthday party. I am not quite sure what that means, but will find out tomorrow. There are a dozen or so kids and a few adults coming over tomorrow for the party. For activities, Savannah and Suzanne have been planning the following fun:

  • Karaoke Singing
  • Rock N Roll Dance Off
  • Rock N Roll Name That Tune
  • Guitar Hero Competition on the Xbox 360
  • Catch Phrase Rock N Roll Music Edition
  • Smash the Hannah Montana Pinata (hope I get a turn 😉 )

I will be cooking up a bunch of pizza for the sure to be hungry kids. And of course, we will also have the requisite cake and ice cream. This should be a fun day for Savannah. She is really excited about the party and this Birthday in particular, as she turned 10. She has fun calling herself a pre-teen now.


  1. doubletap says:

    Wow, my own son’s 5th birthday was Thursday. His theme was Spiderman.

    Happy Birthday, Savannah!

  2. This might be the last year of themed birthday parties… or at least I hope so, but I really doubt it… 😉

  3. Happy Birthday to Savannah! She is one year younger than Ben, almost to the day. Like you said, a lot of Birthdays this time of year. Karen celebrates 41 on the 27th. Hope Savannah enjoyed her birthday.


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