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Weekly Lifestream 2011-05-29

damn fine parenting job! both kids ended year with straight A's! Love that Sean started 1st year HS with all A's. Savannah right behind him # ah, the sweet smell of vacation… and nothing to do but sit at home and relax… oh, and write some code! the geek that I am… # Friday! Friday! […]


After a long year of preparation, Sean and Savannah received their confirmation in services at Our Lady of the Valley. The bishop gave a nice talk to all the young people who were present at the service. Brett served as Sean’s sponsor, and Anne served as the proxy sponsor for Savannah whose sponsor, a local […]

Weekly Lifestream 2011-05-22

Have always considered Carter worst American president in my life. Serious rethinking with #Obama What a joke and embarrassment to US. # Three day weekend ahead of me! woot! ready for it… # No surprise here RT @BreakingNews Donald Trump says he is not running for president @Jaketapper #

Weekly Lifestream 2011-05-15

whew! long day today with both kids getting confirmed. finally home and enjoying a glass of wine before calling it a night. # lol. couldnt resist… RT @BorowitzReport: Based on the huge stash of porn recovered, the CIA believes Bin Laden acted alone. # Friday the 13th… scary? nah, just the start of a another […]

Weekly Lifestream 2011-05-08

not 2 bad for 1st round in 8 yrs. Shot 92 with 42 on back with 3 three-putts and 1 OB. Back should been 36 or 37. Rust showed on front 😉 # oh oh. bit nervous about tomorrow. Sean has been taking golf lessons for couple months. Will play a round wit… (cont) […]

Weekly Lifestream 2011-05-01

tough week for wildfires around here – several. haze and smoke everywhere again today – and smelly too! # like Lions first 3 guys in draft. awesome D line going forward. actually like they took talent over need – assuming free agency to fill need # Wow. Have a showing of the house this afternoon. […]