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Cienega Fire Sweeps Through Star View

The Cienega fire swept through Star View estates in Sonoita, prompting evacuations with no time to collect belongings. Luckily the most of the occupied lots in the neighborhood had been mowed at the end of rainy season last year, so the firefighters were able to protect all the houses. This was a very scary close […]

Weekly Lifestream 2011-06-26

OMG. Best. Paella. Ever. FTW! Savannah and I hit it out of the park! Mmmmmm… # gonna do some backyard paella tonight. as soon as the heat drops a bit that is. 😉 a good afternoon cooking with Savannah! # with the wind dying down, some heavy smoke form the Monument Fire is […]

Weekly Lifestream 2011-06-19

Been rough fire season.RT @azcentral Arizona fires: #Wallow Fire becomes the largest blaze in Arizona history #

Weekly Lifestream 2011-06-12

Sad, but true RT @thomasfuchs: If you watch NASA backwards, it's about a space agency that has no spacefligh… (cont) # . RT @azcentral #AZfire update: Residents forced to flee as winds fuel blaze covering 229,000 acres # amazing #WallowFire timeline not too far from where we used to own property # […]

Weekly Lifestream 2011-06-05

of course, about 5 fires burning near hear so been smelling and smoking for while now. terrible fire season and monsoon still month away # Further & bigger but we r getting smoke RT @BreakingNews Winds fan Wallow wildfire near Alpine, Ariz., to 106,000 acres # absolutely loving the cool weather – very unseasonal […]