A Bad Day For Sue Ellen

Yesterday, was not a good day for our dog Sue Ellen. And hence, it wasn;t the best of days for us either. Sue Ellen is a pretty good dog who pretty much stays out of trouble. I think mostly because she is pretty stupid. But, she is great with the kids and doesn’t cause many issues.

That can’t be said for yesterday. I have converted part of our 3 1/2 car garage into a workout area. Sometimes when I go out there to work out, I would take the dog with me. Usually she would just sit there and watch and smell the surroundings. Lately, she has gotten into taking off and checking out the neighborhood while I workout. So, as a consequence, I haven’t been taking her out there with me to work out.

When I went to work out yesterday, I stuck her in the backyard so she could at least enjoy the neighborhood smells. Unfortunately, she has now figure out how to climb/jump over our fence. When I finished the workout, she was gone. A quick scan of the neighborhood (being in rural America, that’s pretty easy) didn’t reveal her. I had no idea when she got out.

i wasn’t really in a mood to go find her, so I went ahead and took my shower figuring she would be back by the time I finished. It’s definitely not the first time she has gotten out of the yard. It’s usually because we have left one of the gates open. Her recent knowledge of how to jump/climb over the fence (this wasn’t the first time) is a relatively new addition.

When I finished my shower, she still wasn’t back. I walked around the house scanning the area for her, but didn’t see her. I figured I would give her another 30 minutes before I went scouting for her. I went outside 10 minutes later and saw her about a quarter mile away in one of the neighbors driveway. She came a running back on the first call. Her little trip earned her a couple of hours closed up in the bathroom.

Later that night, she decided to run to the doorwall in the family room and check out a bunny rabbit that was in the back yard. Unfortunately, it was the corner of the room where we have put up the Christmas tree. When see left the doorwall, she got tangled in the lights on the Christmas tree, panicked and ran. The whole Christmas tree, lights, ornaments and all, came crashing down to the ground. Of course, that untangled her and she ran away. Sean and I were left to upright the tree and clean up the big mess as when it fell over, it dumped a ton of water on the carpet.

So, maybe Sue Ellen had fun yesterday, but it was still a bad day for her.

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