A Night in San Diego

Well, we arrived in San Diego yesterday afternoon after a bit of a drive.  I had wanted to fly to San Diefo to get to the cruise ship, but Suzanne wanted to drive.  In a compromise, we agreed to drive, but she would do the drving, which is a challenge in of itself, as I dont like being a passenger, but even less so when she drives.

It took us about 7 hours to get here with a half hour stop for lunch.  It wasnt all that bad as the kids were behaved and the scenery was new as we had never driven to San Diego before.  By 3:30 pm we were checked into our room and all settled.  We stopped by the hotel bar for a quick cocktail and to chart our plans for the evening.  We didnt really want to do too much as the drive was still long and my foot continues to bother me.

We decided to walk about a mile to the Gaslamp Quarter and find a nice Italian restaurant for dinner.  There was three of them right near each other.  One seemed very upscale which interested me.  Another was a trattatoria and the third was an osteria.  From my business travels to Rome and Suzanne’s one trip, she picked the osteria because that usually means small home cooking type restraunt.  All of them looked very nice and inviting.  The restaurant was Panevino.

After a modest bottle of wine ($46), appetizer, dinner and dessert, we managed to rack up a $250 bill.  It was very nice and good though.  Suzanne had Cioppino (spelling?) which caused her to repeat many times that she was in heaven.  It was a plateful and if you like seafood, looked wonderful.  I went with one of my Roman favorites, Saltimbocca, and it didnt disappoint though it came with spinach that went uneaten.

For dessert, we went with tiramisu and it was fantastic.  I have yet to find a tiramisu in the states that was as good as what I used to get in Rome.  Last night was VERY close.  It was wonderful.  Savannah called it a tie with my own version of tiramisu.  Sean had to be different (that’s a Pechuls thing) and had gelatto – Italian ice cream.  It came in a cone of almond brittle.  Sean didnt leave any behind.

This afternoon, we board the Celebrity Mercury for our Mexican cruise.  It should be an enjoyable couple of weeks.


  1. I’ve only been to San Diego once when I was in the Air Force but love it. It’s so beautiful!

    Good use of compromising by the way!

  2. Sounds like you are off to a great start on your vacation! The last time I dropped $250 on a meal….hey, wait…I have never dropped $250 on a meal :). Glad you enjoyed it!
    Have fun and have a great Thanksgiving!

  3. Wishing all of you a very wonderful Thanksgiving. Ours was very nice. We took the easy way out and went out for dinner. I had prime rib – I like turkey, but this was great.

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