Another Football Season Ends

Yesterday, another football season for the kids game to an end as it was the last game of the season.  Again this year, Sean’s team went winless for the season.  They lost yesterday 26 – 14.

Sean was again a terror on defense from his middle linebacker position with several tackles for a loss.  Also, on one play, he hit the run hard at the line of scrimmage and took the ball right out of his hands and ran about 10 yards with the ball before being tackled.

On offense, he again played center.  Every since he told the coach “I’ll stop the guys coming up the middle”, he has been the center for the team.

Next year, he moves up in age groups and may not be able to play both ways as there are more kids.  I hope he gets to play defense as I think thats his best play.  I would like to see him play outside linebacker instead of middle linebacker though as I think he lacks the speed for middle linebacker and will be more proficient on the outside as the kids age.  He says he’s committed to an offseason training program so maybe he can improve his quickness for next year.

Savannah also completed the cheerleading season yesterday though she did get injured.  During one cheer, some of the girls  fall backwards and are caught by other girls.  Well, Savannah’s girl forgot to catch her and she slammed in the ground pretty hard.  Her back was a bit sore.  We put some ice on it and she sat out most of the rest of the day.  I think the other girl felt worse than Savannah did.  There are no ill effects today for Savannah and she is just fine.

Savannah will also move up in age group next year to match Sean even though is really younger.  We just need their game times to be at the same time rather than spending all day at the football field.  I dont know if Suzanne will be coaching or not.

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