Another Lopsided Defeat

Today is Saturday, which meant another football game for Sean. Unfortunately, it also meant another lopsided defeat. Today, we played the kids from Benson and were soundly beat by a score of 47 – 6.

I use the word kids loosely because we must be feeding our kids wrong in Sonoita and Huachucha City. These kids were big, like most of the other teams. They had one kid that was damn near my size. Half our team is Savannah’s size.

They pretty much moved the ball at will against today and we couldn’t move it all except for the one drive we scored on. Sean played pretty well and had a couple of real solid hits. On one play, though, he got bowled over by that big kid who left tire tracks on Sean. Sean hit him hard but way too high and just got ran over. This infuriated Sean who on the play, just leveled the ball carrier for a three yard loss. He learned pretty fast as he went in much lower.

There was about a 20 minute delay in the 2nd quarter as one of the kids on our team had to get carted off the field by an ambulance. It was something with his knee. He had returned a kick and got hit hard and it looked like his knee got twisted pretty good. They tend to play it pretty conservative when the kids get hurt.

I also got drafted this week and helped out on the chain gang. I really don’t mind doing that as it gives you one of the best seats in the house. What I need is like a helmet mounted video cam to film the game while doing the chains. That would be some good video of Sean. As fate would have it, I did have the camera with me at the game and planned to get some photos. Oh well, maybe next week.


  1. Poor Sean. I’m still laughing about his tire tracks.

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