Another Lopsided Defeat

Today is Saturday, which meant another football game for Sean. Unfortunately, it also meant another lopsided defeat. Today, we played the kids from Benson and were soundly beat by a score of 47 – 6. I use the word kids loosely because we must be feeding our kids wrong in Sonoita and Huachucha City. These […]

One Long Saturday Afternoon of Football

Ouch! Today was one long afternoon of youth football. Sean had another football game this afternoon. Luckily, the weather held out and it was only about 90 degrees. Unfortunately, the other team showed up and we got slaughtered by a score of 42 – 0. It might have been worse as its possible I lost […]

Sean’s Team Loses Opener

Sean’s football team started their season this weekend. Unfortunately, they didn’t start it out on the right foot. They lost a close game by a score of 14 – 12, losing by missing their two extra points, while the other team made both of them. The game was actually pretty sloppy and ugly, which is […]

Sean Changes Baseball Teams

Sean has decided to change baseball teams this upcoming season. He is right on the age limit between what the baseball league terms minor and majors. He could play minors again this season, but it would be with a bunch of younger kids. So, he wants to play majors. Unfortunately, our small little, rural community […]

Don’t Look Now, But It’s A Win Streak

How ’bout them Yellow Jackets? One week after there startling first victory in over three weeks last year, they won’t out against Sierra Vista today and just walloped them. The final score in the game was Yellow Jackets 31 and the Eagles 6. The game was even more lopsided than the score. The kids continue […]