Another Victory

Tonight was another baseball game for Sean’s team. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to make it. It’s only the second game this year I have missed. Still, the boys were victorious, pulling off another lopsided victory by the score of 16-2.

This win runs their record up to 14 – 1. They are supposed to have 2 games left, but have decided to add another game tomorrow night. This new game will be an extremely hard one for them to win. They are going to play an older, regional traveling team.

For Sean’s age group, the games are usually 6 innings with a 10 run mercy rule after 4 innings. Tomorrow, no matter what, the game will go 9 innings. It will definitely be a challenge for our team to put consistent pitching together for that length of game that they aren’t used to. The whole purpose of the game is to help get the kids ready for the state tournament.

Unfortunately, it looks like we will be out of town on vacation in Michigan at a family reunion during the start of the state tourney. Because Sean will miss the first two or three games, it looks like he will be ineligible to compete in the tourney. The team is upset too because he is there starting catcher and they could certainly use him.

Sean also had to miss the state tournament last year because of vacation plans. We purposely moved our vacation plans around this year so he could play, but the state move the start date of the tournament around too. It’s okay, he’s not too upset. He is more happy to be going to Michigan and getting to spend some time with his cousins and other family members he doesn’t get to see enough.

I will have a report on the game, but I am not too hopeful. Maybe the kids can surprise me tomorrow night.

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