Baseball Struggles Continue

Sean’s baseball team struggles continue with another loss. At least they are getting better each game and closer too. This time, the went down to defeat by a score of 10 – 7. The good new is that at one point in the game, they were actually leading 7 – 6. But once again, a […]

Baseball Season Starts For Sean

Yesterday, Sean’s baseball team opened the season. Unfortunately, they got off to a very bad start and got walloped 20 – 0. Its shaping up as a very long year for Sean’s team. Last year, they had the best team in the area. Sean has been playing with the older kids and was going to […]

Baseball Season Comes To A Close

Well, its been a good, long, hard ride, but Sean’s baseball season has come to a close. The boys had a great year, finishing the season with a very nice record of 15 – 2. If you ask the kids, they will say it was 15 – 1 since they don’t count the loss to […]

Sean’s Team Loses Tough Scrimmage

Sorry to do another post about Sean’s baseball team, but quite frankly, it occupies a lot of our time right now. You will get a break from it with the Alma Dolores International Dance Studio Summer Recital coming up this Friday and Saturday. Sean will miss one baseball game because of that and that doesn’t […]

Another Victory

Tonight was another baseball game for Sean’s team. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to make it. It’s only the second game this year I have missed. Still, the boys were victorious, pulling off another lopsided victory by the score of 16-2. This win runs their record up to 14 – 1. They are supposed to have […]

Sean’s Team Moves to 13 – 1

In a rare close baseball game for Sean’s team last night, they pulled out the victory 8 – 3. It may not actually sound all that close, but for these guys this season, that’s close. This victory moved the kids record for the season out to 13 – 1. The game was partly close because […]

Where’s Mr Papa? Plus Another Victory

Wow, been a while since my last post – my apologies. It’s been a busy time. And a fun time. I will try to bring yall up to date on what’s been going on. First, last night was another victory for Sean’s baseball team. They won a close game by a score of 7 – […]

Two More Wins For Baseball Team

Sean’s baseball team had a couple of games the last two nights and came away victorious both nights to run their season record to 11 – 1. Last night, in a game score more reminiscent of a football game, Sean’s team won the game going away by a score of 28 – 2. Nope, that’s […]

Sean’s Baseball Team Update

Today was quite a day for Sean’s baseball team. First off, the game was rather early compared to the rest of the season. It was at 10:00 am but in the tiny town of El Frieda, which is about 90 minutes away from us. It was a good thing it was early because its starting […]

Sean Changes Baseball Teams

Sean has decided to change baseball teams this upcoming season. He is right on the age limit between what the baseball league terms minor and majors. He could play minors again this season, but it would be with a bunch of younger kids. So, he wants to play majors. Unfortunately, our small little, rural community […]