AZ State Spelling Bee Results

Well, the Arizona State Spelling Bee is in the books. We drove up to Phoenix on Friday morning for a couple of days of fun in conjunction with the spelling bee. The top 27 spellers in AZ competed for the right to go to the Scripps National Spelling Championship in DC. Sean was the lone 4th grader in the competition. There were a couple of 5th graders and 6th graders, but the vast majority were 7th and 8th graders.

Sean was eliminated in the 3rd round when he misspelled undulate as ungulate. Not sure how the actual place finish is calculated, so he either finished 20th or tied for 16th. He was #1 which meant he went first every round. If the position is strictly by where you go out, it would be 20th. If it takes into account everyone else eliminated in the third round, it would be 16th. Either way, we couldnt have been more proud of him. Just making it to the State Finals was a great accomplishment. It was kind of funny seeing him on stage with all these older kids. The eventual winner was a 7th grader who was also last years champion.

While in Phoenix, we also had the opportunity to play some putt putt and swim at the hotel pool. It was a nice little getaway for a couple of days. Sean said he wants to come back next year.

I have uploaded some photos from the weekend…

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