Back To Netflix

Well, looks like its time for us to switch back to Netflix for our video rentals. We were one of the early/original subscribers to Netflix when they first began their novel approach to video rentals. Getting our movies by mail was a time saver and it was really convenient to be able to keep them as long as we wanted. The selection was great and turnaround time was only a day or two.

However, as Netflix became more and more popular, they started to experience some growing pains and they significantly raised their prices. And then Blockbuster entered the market with lower prices. With the might of their store division and experience, we decided to switch over to them. That was maybe a year ago. We have been pretty happy with them.

Or at least we were until we acquired Blu Ray and HD DVD players a while back. The Blockbuster selection of these high def formats has been poor at best with Blockbuster. Actually, Blockbuster made a decisions to only carry Blu Ray movies. And for the movies they do carry, the wait times has been long. Now Blockbuster has announced a 40% increase in their monthly fees. See ya Blockbuster.

We rejoined Netflix on Friday and made our first movie selections. They arrived in our mailbox on Saturday. And Netflix carries both Blu Ray and HD DVD, so we can see just about any movie we want as some movies are only available on one format. Netflix is now cheaper than Blockbuster too. And having been with both, the experience with Netflix was better. The only advantage that Blockbuster had was that we could go to the store to do an exchange if we needed a new movie in a pinch. However, for us, keep in mind the nearest Blockbuster is 40 minutes away.

Its good to be back with Netflix! Let the movies roll! In HD DVD or Blu Ray, I might add…

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