Transformers Movie

This past weekend, we finally got around to watching the Transformers movie. We have had it from Netflix for a while, but I kept putting off watching it as I was not very interested in the movie. I remember the transformers from my younger days and it was very hokey to say the least. So, […]

Back To Netflix

Well, looks like its time for us to switch back to Netflix for our video rentals. We were one of the early/original subscribers to Netflix when they first began their novel approach to video rentals. Getting our movies by mail was a time saver and it was really convenient to be able to keep them […]

Around Mr Papa’s World

Recently, several of my friends in other states had commented that they wondered where the Winter was. They live in states that this time of year are pretty cold and snowbound. I think the winter must have moved here to Sonoita, AZ. We have been having a pretty strong cold front lately. Morning temperatures have […]