Back To Normal

It’s time to get back to more normality tomorrow. It’s been a hectic start of the year at work. It culminated in the business trip last week. The kids and Suzanne also get back to normal with a regular dance week and a full week of school.

We had a nice relaxing weekend and are ready for the week. We watched several movies this weekend, Chronicles of Narnia and Firewall. Firewall was a very watchable movie. Sean and I manage to play a bit of Xbox 360 and I discovered I have missed it a bit as I haven’t played much lately. Between working late and then working on a couple of new websites I am trying to launch, there just hasnt been much time. Actually, one site is new and one is a complete redo of an existing website.

The 158th site has been running the same look for about 19 months now. It’s time to change the appearance, plus I want to change CMS’es. That’s the most challenging part to get some of the existing functionality to work in the new CMS – which by the way, will be wordpress versus php-nuke. I also found time this weekend to play about 5 hours of America’s Army with my clanmates. It’s been awhile since I have spent that much time with them. I still like that game. We also a scrim this weekend and were victorious. It was on my favorite map, SF Hospital and we won 11 – 3. I led the way for our team with 19 kills. It felt good to be back into the game.

I think its time to spend a bit less on the websites and maybe spend more time playing Xbox 360 and AA. Of course, that’s only when the family is dancing. When they are home, it’s time to get back to movies. We used to watch about 12 – 15 movies a month. That’s dropped to maybe 4 lately. It was fun watching a couple this weekend. Don’t worry, I will still be posting and keep Mr Papa’s World up to date ๐Ÿ˜‰ but the days of 6 – 8 hours working on websites will have to slow down. It may just take longer to launch the new sites.

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