Baseball Season Comes To A Close

Well, its been a good, long, hard ride, but Sean’s baseball season has come to a close. The boys had a great year, finishing the season with a very nice record of 15 – 2. If you ask the kids, they will say it was 15 – 1 since they don’t count the loss to the State traveling team, but I do.

They were supposed to have had one last game on Friday, but neither team could come up with enough players, so the game was canceled. With school out and what not, a lot of families have already gone on some Summer vacations.

They do have the State tournament coming up at the end of the month, but unfortunately, Sean and the rest of the team will not be able to participate. The state moved their tournament up a week, so all the local tournaments are also moved up a week. Several of the boys, including Sean, will be out of town the week the tournament starts which leaves the team short of the required 9 players. We will be attending a family reunion. While Sean would have loved to compete in the tournament, I think he is happy to put the season behind him and would rather visit his cousins that he doesn’t get to see enough.

The team officially concluded its season tonight with a big pool party. The boys had lots of fun and got to go crazy. After their rough opening season loss by a score of 7 – 0, the season looked long. They turned it around quickly and definitely earned the pool party tonight.

We did receive some sad news this past weekend. The son of the President of our baseball association was killed in a car accident. He was only 19 years old and playing football for Eastern Arizona University. He was also involved very much with our kids football program, serving as an assistant coach on Sean’s football team two years ago. He even umpired a few games of baseball this past season. We will be attending a memorial for him this coming Saturday.

Now, we get get ready for football season. I think Sean is still planning on moving up an age group above his so that he can play with his friends if the league will let him play up a year. He has a late birthday, which puts him in a younger age bracket. Practice starts in August.

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