Baseball Season Starts For Sean

Yesterday, Sean’s baseball team opened the season. Unfortunately, they got off to a very bad start and got walloped 20 – 0. Its shaping up as a very long year for Sean’s team.

Last year, they had the best team in the area. Sean has been playing with the older kids and was going to do so again this year. However, most of those kids decided to play on a traveling team this year where every weekend is spent traveling to the game. We have it bad enough now with an hour to the games, but that travel team will have some 4 hour one way trips to games. Sean didn’t really want to do that, so he is actually playing in his age group this year.

Unfortunately, only he and one other kid have any experience at the “Major League” level of competition. All the other kids are moving up in competition level this year and it shows in their skills. Last year we had pitchers, this year we have kids that are lucky to find the plate and when they do, the baseball looks like a basketball.

The team Sean played in the season opener was one of the lower end teams in the league last year and they thoroughly trounced us. It does not bode well for the boys. But, hey, they had fun in the game and that is important.

As catcher, it was a busy day for Sean. He threw out three runners at second and two at third, but allowed another 3 or 4 kids to steal. He was also involved in two plays at the plate. He even managed to catch on foul ball behind the plate, but missed another. At bat, he struck out and grounded out.

The good news for the season is that we have no Saturday games this year in the heat of the day. The bad news is that we don’t have any Saturday games. All the games are at night during the week which puts a strain on me making the games. I hope to make them all, but they are all about an hour from work. They should all be at 6 or 7, so I have a shot.

Game two is tomorrow night…

Oh, yeah, about time Mr Papa had a post around here…

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