Basketball Season Begins For Sean

Football season is barely over, but basketball season has begun for Sean this week. They have already played two games and his middle school team is 1 – 1. Sean is the starting point guard for the team.

Its ironic that he is even playing basketball. The sport was my favorite growing up as a kid and I played in high school and then intramurals in college and in work based leagues afterwards. I tried early in Sean’s life to get him interested in basketball and to work on his skills. Unfortunately, he showed no interest in basketball whatsoever. Our hoop outside went unused for years except for the occasional times I went out to shoot around.

It wasn’t until last year upon entering middle school that he got interested in basketball and tried out for the team and made it (okay, all the kids made it). He saw limited playing time last year, but has made the starting team this year.

The hoop outside is now in disarray and basically worthless. I guess its times to get a new one and impart my skills on him. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I wasn’t MVP of the work league several years running for nothing. Seriously, I am excited that he likes hoops and now wants to play. I fear, however, that he is getting too late a start.

In the game this afternoon, where they evened their record with a victory, Sean had the winning bucket on a short jump shot. Unfortunately, afternoon is the key word there and I was not able to attend the game. In fact, I have yet to see a single game of his middle school team this year or last year.

For some reason, the games start at 3:00 or 3:30 and its really hard for me to get to the games. Just like football, road games are not that close by and even the home games are 40 minutes from work. They play every Tuesday and Thursday during the relatively short season. When I was playing in junior high (vs middle school), I don’t remember the games starting that early. I feel really guilty cause I don’t remember my Dad missing very many (if any) of any of my sporting events. I pride myself on making his football and baseball games, but there really isn’t any way to make these early basketball games. Still, I really wish I could and still feel guilty.

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