I Finally See One of Sean’s Basketball Games

I finally had an opportunity to see on of Sean’s basketball games yesterday. All of his games start at 3:30 in the afternoon which means leaving work about 2:30 just to get to the close games. Most would require me to leave even earlier. The middle school games are supposed to be organized into A, […]

Basketball Season Begins For Sean

Football season is barely over, but basketball season has begun for Sean this week. They have already played two games and his middle school team is 1 – 1. Sean is the starting point guard for the team. Its ironic that he is even playing basketball. The sport was my favorite growing up as a […]

Sean Scores His First Points

Sean scored the first points of his basketball career tonight as he made two shots for a total of four points.  As it turns out, that was half the points his team scored tonight as they went down to defeat 32 – 8.  Wow, living in a rural area is proving to be tough on […]

The Day After the Elections

Today is the day after the elections and boy am I glad its over. I was so tired of the relentless and pointless ads that have been running on the radio, TV and even in phone calls. Does anyone ever make up their mind based on political ads? I cant imagine doing so, but guess […]

Sean Starts Basketball

As if Sean isnt busy enough lately, he is now playing basketball for his school. His school actually is K – 8 and the boys basketball team is for 5 – 8. Sean is in 5th grade. They actually break down the team into three teams (A, B and C). It really could be by […]