Suzanne has been bugging me for years to get her a home gym. She semi-routinely goes to the gym and says it would save time/money in the long run if she had a machine at home and could cancel her gym membership. Well, I have finally relented and purchased one for her. I bought the Bowflex Extreme 2. I spent several hours this weekend putting it together. I must say its a high quality machine and went together without any difficulties. It also is capable of doing many different routines to work on all areas of the body.

Funny, sort of, but despite her commitments to give up the gym membership if I got her a home gym, she is now unwilling to give up the club. I would have bet money, despite her statements she would give up the membership, that this would not happen, so luckily I am not surprised. She says the club is just too convenient when she is in town and wants to work out. ๐Ÿ™„

Now, I just need to start using the equipment myself and thats another whole struggle…

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