Busy Weekend Upcoming

We have a busy weekend for the Klasen family coming up starting tomorrow. This weekend is Suzanne, Sean and Savannah’s big summer dance recital. They have been taking classes for a while now and it culminates once again this summer with the big recital. The show occurs on Friday and Saturday nights. Mr Papa will be in the audience, hopefully awake 8).

In addition, Savannah makes her First Communion on Sunday. Anne and Brett (in-laws) will be here for both the dance recitals and the First Communion. Then, on Monday, Suzanne and the kids begin the annual summer trek to Dallas for a couple weeks or so. Anne will be driving with them since she will be here. She will also drive back to Sonoita with them since she still has the return trip of her airline ticket.

I am actually looking forward to a couple weeks of being a bachelor. It will give me more time to be a computer/video game geek. :tongue:


  1. Tell Anne and Brett that I am jealous of their fun packed week-end. My only consolation is that we will be there soon and make more memories.


  2. What a talented family we have!

    We all know how exciting it is to watch Suzanne and Savannah dance and sing. But, now a whole new dimension has been added to the Klasen repetoire–Sean is quite good at hip-hop and break dancing!

    Brett and I really enjoyed the two nights of recitals and found them very entertaining–not boring at all.

    Now, we get Suzanne, Sean and Savannah for a few days in Texas–with a trip to Amory, Mississippi, to visit Mama Frances and stay with Jean and Lennie.

    Suzanne, the children and I leave tomorrow morning for Midland, Texas, and then on to Dallas on Tuesday.

    I know you will enjoy your visit here this summer.



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