Cheerleading Competition Tomorrow

Sean’s football season is over. I missed the last game of the year being in Germany. They lost the game. Actually, somewhat late in the game and losing, the referees called the game because our kids were hitting the other kids too hard. Boy, I would have liked to see that and understand what the hell the refs were thinking or if Sean was exaggerating.

Anyways, cheerleading season isn’t quite over yet. Tomorrow, the girls have their regional cheerleading competition. Suzanne’s squads have done pretty well at these in the past few years, but she isn’t expecting much this year. Savannah is looking forward to it. It is still TBD as to whether or not Sean and I will attend. We attended last year and showed up fifteen minutes before they were supposed to be on and they were already done. It wasn’t a good ending to a 90 minute ride to the competition.

That’s not the main reason we may not attend though. Having been in Germany for 8 days, the boys haven’t had any time together for a while, so we may stay home and bond over some video games or a game of catch instead.

Either way, I will post an update on how the girls did tomorrow.

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