Cheerleading Competition

Today was the County cheerleading competition for Savannah’s cheer team.  The girls are the cheerleaders for Sean’s football team.  Suzanne is the cheer coach.

Last year, the girls won the competition.  This year, however, was going to be tougher as several of the older girls on the team moved up in age group and for half the squad, this was their first year cheerleading.

For the girls and Suzanne, this was a day long event.  The competition was held in Bisbee, AZ which is about 75 minutes away from us.  Savannah and Suzanne left the house about 7:45 am this morning in order to get there in plenty of time to register and have some squad practice.  Sean and I grudgingly agreed to come up there at 11:00 for the competition.  When Savannah asked me so sweetly to come to the competition, there wasnt anyway to say no.

This is where my recent travel woes continued.  Suzanne called after she got there to give us a better time estimate of the competition.  Sean took the phone call and the two of them did not communicate well.  I got the message from Sean that we needed to be there at 12:50 for Savannah’s routines.  We arrived at the competition at 12:35 to watch two teams compete and then have them announce a 40 minute break.  Upon catching up with Suzanne and Savannah, we learned we had already missed Savannah’s routines.  So, we began our 75 minute drive back home to Sonoita.  Savannah and Suzanne stayed for the rest of the afternoon to watch the rest of the routines and hang around for the awards ceremony at 4:30.

As to the time confusion, Suzanne maintains she told Sean that Savannah’s squad was scheduled to be on at 12:50.  She also says she recommended to him to get there at 12:00.  Sean says he never heard the 12:00 part.  Chalk it up to poor communication on their part.  Sean probably wasnt listening and Suzanne shouldnt have made it more difficult for a 10 year old than necessary – simply say a single time to be there.

Anyways, the girls finished in third place this year.  That is much higher than expected and a job well done.  According to Suzanne, if two of the girls hadnt collided during cartwheels, they might have won.  Either way, still a good job done and everyone was happy.  Next year, Savannah will be moving up in age though she could stay in the same group.  She will be moving in order to cheer at the same time that Sean plays football.  I dont know if Suzanne will coach next year or not.

Sean and Savannah both have one remaining game next week to close out the 2006 football season.


  1. Terrific job Suzanne and Savannah! I get tired just reading about all of your activities. Enjoy it while you can.

  2. Way to go Suzanne and Savannah!!!

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