Community Christmas Party

Tonight was the local Sonoita community Christmas Party. Every year the chamber of commerce puts this fun activity on for our rural community. There’s lots of cowboy gear as the local ranchers come out for a fun night.

The evening starts with a couple hours of adults only “quiet” time before the kids show up and await the arrival of the man in the red suit. There is always some entertainment and plenty of food to go around. The get together is held at the County fairgrounds.

This year our kids were asked to be elves for Santa. They were pretty excited about this because it meant they got to arrive to the party with Santa riding on a firetruck. They hadn’t ever ridden in a firetruck before. They did a really good job helping the little kids come see Santa and making sure they got a little gift they liked. Sean was especially cute helping the little kids down off the stage.

It was a fun evening. We were at the party for about 2 1/2 hours. A fun time was had by all as The Big Day gets closer.

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