Cruise Talk Central Redesign

My internet connection got stable enough for me to launch the redesigned Cruise Talk Central today. My speed still sucks, but at least it held long enough for me to do the upgrade.

I redesigned the site to allow for easier navigation, more straight forward grouping of information and to give Suzanne a place to upload some videos of our cruises. Plus, I wanted to give the site a more professional look. If you get a chance, please stop on by and let me know what you think. Thanks to those of you who helped me beta test the new design before the relaunch.

Incidentally, some time in the near future, I will probably add a video capability to Mr Papa’s World so we can put up some family videos. I need to spend a bit of time on the rest of my sites which have been neglected the last couple of minutes while I worked the redesign. I also owe one of my net buddies Bernard some time on his site.


  1. I checked it out, and it’s a very well done site. I especially liked the embedded videos.

  2. Thanks DT!

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