Dance Recital Photos

I have uploaded some photos from the dance recital that ocurred over the last two nights. Suzanne, Sean and Savannah all participated in Variety Dance Recital from Alma Dolores International Dance Studio. The three of them currently take dance four nights a week. I think Savannah is in something like 11 classes. Whew… Some of the photos still need to be captioned, but will get that done soon.

In addition, Suzanne should be writing a more detailed discussion of the two day dance extravaganza later today. In the meantime, enjoy the pictures.


  1. Loved the pictures. Looks like a first rate production. What fun. Your family must really enjoy entertaining. Missed the numbers with Mr. Papa.

  2. LOL… Mr Papa was comfortably seated in the audience. It was a very nice show. They tried to get me up on stage for one number with the DUDES (Dads United to Deliver Entertainment on Stage) but it wasnt in the cards.

    The costumes for the recitals are the things that amaze the most often. I remember old movies of Kelly and Barb dancing and even some of Suzanne, but this dance studio is much different. Of course, the times could be different and all would be like this.

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