Details on the Dance Recital

Hi, Suzanne here and this is a quick details post on the recital.

The first night, we were very busy. Savannah started us out for the evening with her Jazz/Ballet dance to “Rock’in to the Rythm of the Rain”. The girls wore Cowboy hats and blue fringe costumes. Then Sean and Savannah both took to the stage for the Polynesian Wedding Production number. Savannah was a flower girl and a Tahitian dancer while Sean and the other boys were Sailors who fall in love with the Tahitian girls.

Next, it was Suzanne’s turn to do dance in the variety segment of the show. First, she did a jazz dance to Aretha Franklin’s “Respect” with some ot the other Moms and Adults that dance in the adult class. Then came her solo song and dance to “All That Jazz” and the Fosse World production to “Bye Bye Black Bird”. Then the kids had a chance to show off thier tumbling skills in their “Super Hero” number.

The Friday night show ended with Suzanne and Savannah doing thier flamenco dances in the “Spain” section of the show.

For Satuday, Savannah got us started off with her song and dance to “Knock on Wood”, followed by her group tap dance number to “Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy” in the Made in the USA section. Then it was the Siblings Klasen turn to really get their groove on….. Co-ed Hip Hop followed by teen boys hip hop, (Sean’s a pre-teen, but they let him in the class.) Both of the kids got down with thier funky selves in both numbers.

To conclude the show, Suzanne and Savannah took part in the Mexico production number with Savannah doing a folklorico dance and Suzanne representing the state of Sonora in the regional fashin show. Suzanne and Savannah both took part in the “Mexico…El Viajero” dance to conclude the show.

The kids had a great time and we even had comments that the show was way much more fun than a regular recital.

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