Suzanne has taken again to putting a bunch our old stuff up for auction on Ebay.  I say old stuff because some of it is still pretty good stuff, but we just dont use it.   She has a stack of stuff to get up over the next few weeks.

Recently, she has put a bunch of old clothes of Savannah’s up for auction on Ebay.   They dont fetch very much, mabe $5 or $10, but add in shipping and a bit of quantitiy and it starts adding up.  She recently sold some gnome statue piece of junk and got almost $40 for it.  I wouldnt have given a second thought to throwing it in the garbage.

She also recently sold my old Franklin Mint Civil War chess set.  It’s a nice set, but we have like 5 and I dont have time for Civil War stuff like I used to.  We were pleasantly surprised when it sold for over $150.  We got a prompt payment from the guy and she shipped it off.  Unfortunately, 3 of the pieces arrived in a broken condition – gonna have to get Suzanne to work on those packing skills.  The shipment was insured, so we will likely be filing a claim with the postal service.  The guy receiving the shipment has been pretty good about it.  We still need to resolve this one.

Now, she just needs the time to list the rest of the stuff gathered up. We have things like an nice old mp3 player, lots of old xbox and xbox 360 games, more Civil War paraphenalia.  There is also some more old kids clothes.  We are trying to get things straigntend up around the house.  Suzanne is a pack rat and I think she is finally ready to part with stuff that never sees daylight.  We wont get rich on Ebay, but the occasional bits of income will pay for a dinner or two out.

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