Family Update 2/6/08

As usual, the family seems to be extremely busy once again.

To a certain extent, its driven by the upcoming Showstoppers Dance Competition coming up in a few weeks in Phoenix. The kids have been having extra rehearsals and extra practices at home. I can’t remember how many dances they will be doing this year, but its a boat load. Suzanne will also be kicking in a song and dance number this year to New York, New York. Mr Papa will, as usual, be in the audience. Luckily, this year, I will have my laptop with me. I can only hope for a wi-fi connection at the competition place. We will spend the weekend in Phoenix for the competition.

Construction finally began today on our driveway. We have a dirt road that leads from the county maintained road up to the house. After every monsoon season, we get a pretty deep ditch that we have to drive over from the water rushing along the road. We usually just pay someone to come out and grate it back to level. This year, we decided to try to do something a little more permanent. We are having a small concrete section put in from the road for several feet up our dirt drive. It will be sloped enough that water from the monsoon rains should just harmlessly flow down it. At least thats the hope and plan. One of our neighbors/friends is in the construction business, so we are getting a good deal on it.

The kids were a bit bummed that the snow storm missed us this past weekend. We usually get a couple of storms a year where we get some accumulation. This year, we have yet to get one. The mountains are plenty covered and actually lower elevations closer to Tucson actually got some accumulation. The storm either died out or blew East of us and pretty much didn’t give us any moisture. Not much time left in the Winter for snow this year. Oh, the kids weren’t too upset since they still had a delayed start of school on the day following the night the storm was supposed to hit.

The Qwest DSL continues to chug along nicely after one week. I figure I will give it a month and then cancel my wireless provider. I don’t look forward to that, but it will have to be done. Since we live so far out in the country, Qwest only offers 2 speeds to the area. A bare minimum speed and their silver plan at 1.5M. Their platinum plan is 7M but they say I am too far from the central office. My line tests good for 6M, but they don’t have such a plan, so I am stuck with 1.5M. Stuck isn’t fair, since its better than I have ever had before. I am just bandwidth greedy.

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